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Can You Learn to Play The Guitar in 7 Minutes?

"Learn To Play The Guitar In Minutes...
Even If You've Never Picked Up A Guitar In Your Life"

First get the music - click here. Then watch and play along with the video. (about 3:30 minutes long).

Click "play"

(Please wait for video to load. You may need to click play twice.)

For more lessons CLICK HERE to learn about the Worship Guitar Class series


"He Owned A Guitar For 18 Years And Could Never Play It. Now, He Plays All the Time!"

"My husband had owned a guitar for 18 years and was never motivated to learn. He had purchased books and had friends show him, but nothing clicked until I bought this video for him. Now he plays all the time."

— Karen Koch, CA

"I have been viewing your guitar class video #1 and think it's great! I especially like how you have each lesson include a popular worship song. This makes one really feel like they're making progress after each lesson."

— Drew Whitaker

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